2-3 Weeks Turnaround time!

Tennessee Werewolves at the CMA Awards

I had an amazing opportunity to work with the beautiful and talented Angel Mary of the Tennessee Werewolves. She saw a piece that was in the Nashville Boogie pinup pageant that I did earlier this year and HAD TO HAVE IT. Angel Mary was super awesome to work with. We clicked almost immediately and she let me go with my instincts as the design came along. It took several days of scouting and finding all the right notions, rhinestones, and fringe,  but it came together just beautifully! After her final fitting, Angel Mary and I chilled and we laughed at my animals (which absolutely adored her) and caught up with the 6th game of the world series (HOLY COW, CUBS!!).  She is a true soul and I can’t say enough good things about her and her music! Check out the clip below to see how all of it came together!